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30 December 2014 the mean time...

I'm going to be working on my major non-fiction project for the next few weeks, probably. That time line is a really rough estimate.

Feel free to pop over to my academic blog (it's on a side bar here somewhere - check on the left side, I think that's where I saw it last) if you're into that sort of thing.

I just finished up a book review of Just Babies: The Origins of Good and Evil, by Paul Bloom, to kinda get my non-fiction writing muscles warmed up. Now I'm back on track working on that Bisbee Deportation paper I've had on a back burner for, oh, longer than I care to calculate right now. I'll be back here when I've either finished the Deportation paper, or I just need (yet another) break from it.


06 December 2014


flicking tails and tossing heads
arched necks and crow hops
snorting and shimmering
- scatter
flashing hooves and floating manes
- even the kindest eyes flee

Inspired by: