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24 March 2013

pondering graduation

Life goes rolling along... I'm about to graduate (BA in Psychology/Anthropology, minor in History). It's scary as hell because I need to get a job now. My income will short out in May. I won't be able to start working until June 1st, earliest. And I have no job prospects lined up.

I wish I could just get paid to write. Reliably. You know, every writer's dream. Write for a salary that was above poverty level. Or even within sight of the poverty level - it'd be more than I bring in right now.

I'm afraid I'll have to start working for the Army again. Bleh. I got so tired of living that life. It's devoid of personality; the ultimate worker bee existence. And no more lazy mornings or hanging out with my little Bear all day during the week. It's working to live, and has nothing to do with enjoying what you do - though I would, to a degree, if I could get another teaching gig. At what cost, life?

It's only a year. Maybe. Or maybe I'll keep working while I'm in grad school next year. I might have to. There will be no more GI Bill to depend on - I only have a few more months of that. Grad school will be five or six years, depending on the program.

Reality sucks sometimes. 

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