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07 November 2013

some non-fictional thoughts

I took a break from writing fiction today.
I had reached a 'pause' in my flow, and I had homework to do, errands to run, etc., that made pushing myself to write seem wasteful. Especially since this was one of those days that I could barely hold myself together. I had random crying going on, flat affect, and massive anhedonia. Major Depressive Disorder: it's a blast.
Actually, it was the anhedonia that clued me in to just how bad it was. Me, of all people, feeling uninterested in anthropology and wondering if I even wanted to keep studying evolutionary psychology in grad school next year? Yeah, that's a clear sign that shit is bad. It also made me realize that my hesitation over submitting my grad school app for the ev-psy program at U of A was mainly a symptom of depression, not an honest hesitation of "do I want this?" However, I still don't know if I can do it. I mean, yeah I'm capable, and I'm passionate about the subject area and all that, but... my depression has been really bad this year. So bad that I've actually failed two classes because of it (I just couldn't rouse myself to do the work), and I might fail another. I can't afford to do that in grad school, obviously, but neither is my depression just going to disappear between now and then.
I want this. Even when the depression makes me forget that there's anything in the world that I want, I want this. So I'm going to apply. And hope my brain doesn't betray me if I'm accepted into the program.

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  1. You brave, brave, brave love! I won't say that I know exactly how you feel because it would be a lie. But I do understand what it is to want something with all my heart and have my physical body remind me, "Woman, your flesh and bones can't do that." I know the voice is mine, and most times it's kind of right. But when I'm feeling brave enough, I just tell the voice that I might not do things exactly the way I used to, but I can do them in a way that works for me.

    I think you can do it, and I'm glad you chose to do it. Things might not be perfect (they never are!). You'll have bad days, but you'll probably have awesome ones, too.

    I will keep you in my thought...