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15 May 2014

Aaaaaaand I'm done!

So you may have noticed my absence; I've been gone for about a semester (timing not a coincidence).

This last semester almost killed me, but I'm graduating today. This evening. Whoa.

I'm still having random anxieties over it. Like, what if somehow my name didn't get added to the list because I didn't fill out form 397A42 five months in advance in triplicate? What if I'm sitting there in front of my family - who are actually showing up (whaaaat?!) - and my name doesn't get called, and I just sit there like a dumbass? And my family's like WTF Bones?


I called the people in charge of the ceremony this morning. I'm on the list, it's all good. No worries.

This just doesn't feel real enough to not go wrong - to not end up being not real.

But really, it is real. Weird.

I have from now until the end of June or so to find some income for my home. Until I do, my tasks for myself are to 1, find a job, and 2, be a writer, and 3, be a painter.

Pictures and writing samples to follow. 

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