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21 May 2015


by Rowena Morrill, via

Tall candle's flame
Stilled by the child's hand;
Stories life in smoke:
   each twist of tragedy,
   each curl of comedy,
   each faded resolution,
is time's caress
on the child's cheek,
but those young eyes
pierce blankly
in stout dissolution.

The image is of a painting by Rowena Morrill, and was the writing prompt; the poem is my response.

About the painting: on the art card that served as my writing prompt, it was named "Candlelight Visions," and it looked as it does in the image above. I did a google search for the painting (so that I could link it in this post, giving credit and all) and found that it is a book cover for "Ghosts I Have Been," by Richard Peck. 


  1. How you describe the stare, as if--yes--she is the one losing in her own drama.

  2. Repetition works well for you here. Well done.

  3. nice image, she cherishes the flame not to go out by her cupped hand's caress, luv the illuminated smoke of the painting and the way you brought it to life with the storied told and those still to be told

    much love...

  4. I think living with these stories is to grow up...

  5. Those eyes do pierce blankly! Great description.