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16 October 2015

bits of death, as remembrances

death writes
in tears
that dry

death remembers
with hands
that take


Every morning, I see the bones of Naanaa.
I have no picture of him,
not anymore,
but his purr still rumbles
and his paws still steal silent -
and acrobat dancing on heartstrings,
singing his joy in requiem.


When my soul wanders away again,
and night comes to take my vision,
I'll wait for daylight in your dreams.

Light my candle, dear,
and I'll wonder through your thoughts;
hold close my photos, dear,
and I'll see you in my eyes.

Someday you'll wander with me again,
when night falls on your vision -
we'll wait for daylight, you and me,
dreaming in the darkness.


To Naanaa,
whose bones still watch over me,
my sentinel kitty,
the hunter whose death still haunts me:
I see you
today and every day,
and I love you.

This post brought to you by witches in fiction 2015: death rites and remembrances.


  1. Anonymous23:12

    How beautiful and sad. Condolences on your beloved NaaNaa and I hope there are more mice than he can ever catch on the other side.
    Bright blessings. I'm stopping by from Magalys gathering

  2. Hi there! This was a beautiful poem!

  3. Those we have deeply loved never leave us--this is a beautiful and warm as well as sorrowful reminder of that; I especially like the way you have expressed the idea of waiting in dreams, and looking through a photo's eyes to give us that haunted but also comforting feeling that the loved one is still (will always be) a near and essential part of who we are. Really excellent, clean and well-crafted piece.

  4. I am so glad you have such a wonderful guardian. It is so hard to loose a fur baby.

    1. The death of a fur baby is so very hard. This tribute to that love shared is lovely. Thanks for you writings. Oma Linda

  5. "death remembers
    with hands
    that take"

    Those lines will stay with me for a long time... maybe because they voice some of my feelings.

  6. I keep my Faye's ashes in a special place as well. She was my first dog ever. I had been phobic of dogs before she came along.Very beautiful words.

  7. Some believe photos steal the soul, and NaaNaa's still lives, that may be why you now have no photos of you beautiful friend, because he meets

  8. So sorry my comment above posted prior to me finishing it, then when I rewrote about to hit 'publish' the battery died in the IPad and I lost it :/ so now with 12% I will try again haha... I think the fact your beautiful NaaNaa lives on so vividly visiting you in thoughts, dreams, means that you don't need photos anymore, his presence is captured in your memories, his imprint is much more than a soul who has been captured in a photo. Much love xox

  9. Such pretty words, and I can very much relate to soul loving and missing your little furry baby.

  10. I think there are people who will never appreciate a companion as beautifully as you and I have. My dogs still walk with me XXX

  11. So nice...Thank you

  12. Anonymous15:44

    Aw, this is such a very fine tribute to someone special that so many people forget we have to say goodbye to. Nicely done.

  13. Oh, I so relate to this! I forever grieve the loss of all my beloved pets. The world just isn't the same without them. And now I'm off to hug my precious kitty, Phoebe! ❤

  14. Beautiful. I can feel the love.