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15 February 2012

semi-obligatory holiday rant

I don't care much about most holidays. I care about the ones relevant to my spiritual path, and the few others which pertain or appeal to me.

The wheel of the year is vital, as is Veterans' Day. Valentine's Day is important, maybe because my romantic soul just digs the hell out of an excuse to shower my lover with... love.

Christmas, not so much. For my child, Christmas is the day during the Yule season on which Santa comes. I don't celebrate it, except by spending too much on my child - I think Santa is important for kids. All these other little holidays we "celebrate" by taking the day off work, are unimportant except for the ways they alter my schedule.


Somehow, I end up spending time and energy on holidays I don't care about, and not the ones I do care about.

I can't remember a worse Valentine's than this one. Given my memory, that might not mean much. But it still sucks.

Wish I had a modem right now, so I could tell the world to FUCK OFF.


(@0226h 15 February)

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