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19 September 2012

reading the cards

Thinking about something that happened last May... My friend the wandering wisewoman read my cards for me - with my own cards, with which she had zero familiarity. The experience forced me to change my approach to card reading, for the better.

She literally read  the cards, looking into them instead of at them; no recall, just the message itself in the art. She is all intuition, no memorization.

I've always been concerned with remembering what each card is "supposed" to mean, and had missed the point - that each card will tell you what it wants you to know, if you just pay attention.

My approach to card reading has changed, but so has my approach to spirituality. I'm far less worried, these days, about what the stories and lore say about my deities. I'm more prone to listening to the deities themselves. I'm more likely to listen to my own wisdom, as well.

The result? I'm working my way toward Happier.

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