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21 May 2013

ah, Summer

Now that my life is not being dominated by academic deadlines - at least for the next year or so - I'm getting back into my groove, finding new ways to enjoy life.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Iowa with my son, to visit my mother. I'll be there for about a week. Then I'm heading home solo - my son will stay there a couple more weeks, backpacking with Grandma and visiting cousins.

I'll be home, working at my friend's tea shop, starting my tattoo apprenticeship, spending a day or so each week tending an art gallery/frame shop, and writing, painting, and crafting. Engaged, but not Busy. I'm looking forward to it.

I'm taking a couple classes too (I know, I know...) but they're online/lower level classes. Not the monsters I took in the spring semester. Much less work to be done for these. No more senior capstone courses for me! At least not until fall 2014, when I start my Master's program. ...I'm such a glutton for academic punishment...

Anyway, this summer will be full of creativity and walking to work at shops that I love. *knock on wood*

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  1. Academic punishment tastes best when sprinkled with deadlines and desperation (that is sooo not true, but it sounds cool).

    Have a blast at your moms, and then following your art without a heavy school load. I KNOW the feeling ;-)