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07 May 2013

Naanaa's Story, part 5

"Bear, look - Muzi's home."
"What's he got?"
"'What does he have,' Bear. And I don't know... oh, I think it's a mouse. Weird."
"Oh, poor mouse!"
"Com'on, help me bring the groceries in."
"Why's he carryin' around a dead mouse?"
"I don't know. Cats do that sometimes. Just weird that Muzi's doing it. I didn't think he could catch a mouse. Or would even know to try to catch it."
"Why do cats do that?"
"To show us they love us. It's cat logic. Hard to explain. Can you get this bag please? It's not heavy."


Muzi likes how his food makes crunchy noises in his head. He imagines the mouse. It would make furry noises. That would be gross. He wonders if Mom ate it. She eats weird things sometimes.


Mom is tense. She looks relaxed, stretched out in her reading chair, feet up on the ottoman, book in hand. Naanaa knows better. He can feel the worry in her heart. She's quiet. He wonders, vainly. She has food. Boy is sleeping happily, and not hurt or sick. She is always happy with her book and her chair, but not tonight. Naanaa watches, but doesn't understand. He wonders all the way back to his bones.

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