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29 October 2013

synopsis written: check

I just rewrote the synopsis for my novel.

In other news, you can expect to see more fiction than non-fiction in my blog for the next 32 days. I writing a novel in November. Yep, I'm doing that crazy NaNoWriMo thing. You can help me get to the Night of Writing Dangerously (a six-hour write-a-thon charity event in San Francisco on Nov 17) by donating here.

Wanna see my new synopsis? Sure ya do!
Feel free to leave critiques in the comments!

History repeats itself:
An old soldier wants to know what it means to be a man.
A wounded woman wants to know what it means to be human.
A kid learns that anger is a healing toxin.
An old mining town finds its soul.

A thousand years from now, we won’t remember ourselves. This is the story of a different North America. Nobody alive remembers the United States, and only the historians and archeologists remember what the ruins mean. Of those, a few hope that this second dark age might be coming to an end, and that a new age of enlightenment might be beginning.

The town is Bisbee, Republic of Arizona, last stop on the rail line before Old Mexico and the first non-militarized town north of the border. Indulgences are few but plenty; grit is the texture of the day. 

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