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03 October 2014

caving in imaginary gardens with real toads

(untitled... for now)

Brave the wailing fires and a stony mouth,
I'm bigger on the inside;
Walk among my teeth, dripping
in a rush of life
through earthen arteries;
I am your forgotten womb.

I'm really getting into these writing prompts growing in the imaginary garden. They're striking quite the melody on my creative bones. This one, about a gigantic, wondrous cave in Vietnam, gave me something to chew on all day, as I saw it this morning right before I left for work. Tasty. 

I'm a bit lost on what to name it. I'd rather not go with the name of the cave that inspired it, because I think this could be representative of many caves all over the world, and I'd rather not narrow it unjustly. 


  1. Excellent invocation of the spirit of the cave! Every line holds a pearl.

  2. I am your forgotten womb. - I admire the personification of the cave ~ Terrific response ~

  3. Gaia's Heart...Heart of Gaia....

    Maybe...just what it made me think of with the mention of arteries...I love the raw internal feeling this gives me and I'm thrilled that the challenged captured your interest! I'll be posting again next month, a new place to explore...hope to see you then and before then, nice having you in the garden! :)

  4. Oooo, utterly, itchily witchy. I love it.

  5. Ripped from the dark wonderful place that should never be forgotten.

    And I'm with Sweeper of Dreams, "witchy!"

  6. I could have sworn I commented on your post. I remember saying how much I loved "Walk among my teeth". Let's hope this gets through!