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26 March 2012


If I have a "type" of person I fall for, it's probably people who break stereotypes.

It's been a problem.
My mother used to say that her problem in finding suitable romantic partners was that she saw the potential in people, rather than seeing them as they were.

That could be true in my case, but I think it would be too generous. Ex Husband 1 had the potential to be a very nice person, and maybe with the right nurturing could have been rather smartish. He would never have been the perceptive partner I needed, the intelligent partner I credited him as, or the substantial person I hoped he was. He did break a stereotype, though. He was a bisexual soldier. ...Mentally, I'm going through the litany of exes who somehow broke stereotypes - they all did, in one way or another. There's far too many to go through and simultaneously remain pertinent. Take my word for it.

On the bright side, recent relationships have followed the pattern of breaking stereotypes, only without the unhealthiness.

The Archer transcends stereotypes of his own (and in his own words), but so does our relationship. The Doc, who I don't believe I've mentioned before, seems to exist within some stereotypes, but only superficially. Her core is, I think, beyond typifying.

This is a good trend.

And now that I've satisfied my own curiousity about what my 'type' might be, I can't help but feel, stereotypically, a little bit happy to have the box checked.

Today I figured out what "made" me a careful driver: learning to drive a motorcycle.

You can't drive a motorcycle the way most people drive cars. Comparatively, you must be hyperviligant. Everything affects the ride: other drivers, the wind, the sun, the road surface, the bugs. Everything. You learn to notice the crack in the pavement 200 meters down the road, because pretty soon it will be under your tires, shifting you away from center. I still notice, even in my truck.

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