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30 March 2012

g is also for goals

Yes, goals. I needs em.

I've been wanting to figure out an exercise routine for weeks now. I got as far as doing a few sit-ups a couple days ago. Not terribly productive. So today while I was perusing the blogosphere, I came across this and finally had some legitimate interest in exercising. Woot!

It's the "Spring into Fitness" challenge, hosted by Serenity Raven on one of her blogs, Check her out! I think she writes well.

Anyway, because of the way the challenge is designed, I can use it to improve my well being in a holistic way, rather than just trying to pinpoint exercising. Which is awesome! And just what I need. Whenever I start projects that are very narrow, they become just another chore squeezed into the list with all the rest. At some point, they get overlooked, or dropped off completely. A holistic approach, though, changes the shape of the list completely, and can't be overlooked or ignored.

My personal challenges, which will shape my goals, are these:

1. I struggle with chronic depression. It has a variety of causes, most of which I've written about in previous posts. I'd like to get a better handle on it than I have now - which is probably as good as it's ever been, but I think I can do better. I want a happier life.

2. I struggle to find the motivation (see #1) to put forth the effort I should into getting my degree. I'm a full-time student, by the way. I'm working on a BA in psychology and anthropology, minoring in history. I go through highs and lows with this; lately it's been more low than high, in part because the classes I'm taking this semester vary in how engaging they are. But they're all required. So. I need to put in more effort, and actually make myself care about the ever-important GPA.

3. I'm out of shape! Ugh!

4. I'm a consummate virgo, in many ways. No that's not the problem. Well... maybe. But it's not the point! As a virgo, my home is my hermitage. It's my safe space, my happy place - particularly when I'm feeling down (see #1 again - these things do spiral). But, when I'm feeling down, I have great difficulty working up the gumption to actually take care of my house. It doesn't help that I'm not particularly domestically inclined. Not at all, really. I need my house to be clean and comfortable for me to be happy, but I hate doing the work to get it there. This is complicated by two things: I just moved out of a house that was a complete poop-hole (see me trying to be PG-13?), where I lived for a year. It felt like two years. That move took place in January. My new house is AWESOME. The energy here is so healing... I love it. Just love it. And it's cute. So, I'm doing ok with getting it situated in a way that I like, but the going's a bit slow because I don't have the money to decorate the way I want to, all at once. So it's a little frustrating for me.

You can see my goals shaping up, yes? Now, to tie them into an element, one each.

~ Improving how I manage my depression - I link this to Water, the energy of emotions and depth.
      - There's an added aspect to this one; I'm in my first year as an Initiate with my coven, and one of my assignments for the year is to study and build a relationship with the element Water. Two birds, one stone! Or would that be, two Waters, one well?

~ Putting full effort into my studies - I link this to Air, the energy of thought and intellect.

~ Getting in shape - I link this to Fire, the energy of... energy! I'm not going for strength training, I'm going for cardiovascular fitness. I love dancing, and being able to hike all day. The hiking season is upon us here, and I want in! I am going to fit in at least one zumba class each week, and one walk or hike. First I have to buy myself some sneakers (pre-zumba, not pre-hiking - I have boots but no sneakers), though, so I'll start with the hiking this week.

~ Finishing the nesting of my house, and take time to clean a little bit each day - this I link to Earth, the energy of stability, of home.

Ah, but what about spirit?

All that stuff above is all about my spirit, and nurturing my Self. All of it ties back into leading a happier life. But, just to round things out a bit, my Spirit goal will be this: to pursue more faithfully the knowledge I seek in my pagan path; to define my philosophies more articulately. (Three Waters, one well! Yay!)

And there we have it. The writing is on the wall... er, the banner is on my blog's wall. It's a good thing.

The challenge starts Sunday. I started just now. I even ate a healthy breakfast as I wrote this.

This post is brought to you by the Pagan Blog Project and the letter G.


  1. Yay! You join the challenge. I'm as excited as you. I love your defined goals, and focusing on school is always an admirable one. I need to focus on making my workouts more efficient and scheduling at the best times. After that, I'll see about specifics. My life is a bit of an sporadic mess right now.

    P.S. I have two giveaways going on, one at Pagan Culture and the other at my writing site. Stop by and join the fun!

    1. Thanks! I have never done a challenge like this (online and all), so we'll see how it goes. But, I'm pretty confident it will be awesome :)

      And I'll definitely those out!

    2. And I'll definitely *check* those out. Geesh.