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18 March 2012

windows and occupations

My windows leak. Not the rain, thankfully, but air. Cold air. ...And I find myself not really caring. It reminds me that I need to figure out a way to insulate the hundred-and-six-year-old windows, but that's about it. I like my home.

If I didn't look like a Virgo before I moved in here, I will now. Nesting is what I do best, like Tiggers and bouncing.


I went to see the Lorax tonight, with my child and a friend of ours. I enjoyed the movie, but it does have a strongly-pointed political statement (as you might imagine, if you've read the book). The expected environmental moral was not-subtly entwined with a very pro-Occupationist moral. So my appreciation of the movie might be because I agreed with the politics of the writers.


Yup, I'm with those rascally Occupiers.


I'm not sure how I feel about this "American Spring" thing. The name feels like a rip off of the incredible energy and determination that pulled off the Arab Spring last year. It feels like cultural theft. We need our own impetus - which is sadly lacking.

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