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05 June 2012

k is for kundalini

The day after the solar eclipse, which happened just over two weeks ago, I went to see a wise woman. I should say: a Wise Woman. I've known her for less than a year, but it seems we've been friends for ages. Perhaps we have. The first time we met, she told me about my life, and about my self, in terms that clarified things I hadn't realized needed clarification. She did it again, this last time I saw her.

Using my cards, she did a reading and explained my life to me. I'd tell you what she said, but if you've read any of my blog, it would be redundant.
I'm still in awe of her ability as a seer and a healer.

One of the things she said to me involved kundalini energy. I understood it in the context, but lacked background comprehension that would have given full weigh to her statement.
Since that conversation, I've done my homework.

She told me that my kundalini energy was strong and was flowing from my root and through me unobstructed. It made me feel energized, and motivated, she said.

At first, I wondered if she hadn't just made the first mistake ever.

But, she wasn't mistaken. For that day - and the few day before, and a few days after - I felt good. I felt happy.

There were disappointments - not being able to see my girlfriend or my boyfriend on the way home that evening - but overall I felt like I could handle the disappointments. They weren't overwhelming. Emotionally, I felt like what I imagine "normal" people feel like about disappointments. That is, I was just disappointed, not hopelessly depressed.

Archer noticed the change after that trip, when I finally saw him the day after I got back. He said I looked happy. I was. I tried to understand what had happened to make me feel so good; I speculated that the road trip was good for me. I don't know that the road trip was all that happened. I don't doubt that it helped me - I do love road trips - but I don't know that it entirely explains my good feeling. I hadn't taken my medicine most of that weekend. That wave of good feeling was - is - inexplicable. Maybe it was the eclipse. Maybe it was the excitement of seeing something as awe-inspiring as the eclipse; I do think that was when it started.

Maybe I shouldn't analyze it.

But I'm going to anyway. Because that's what I do.

I'd like to be able to replicate it, if that's possible. If it's something I can make happen, or at least encourage, I want to know how. Maybe that can help me control my depression.


This was interesting, because it ties kundalini energy into another presence in my spiritual life, of late: the dragon.

Hm, "presence" might be too strong a word; but the topic has been coming up, and showing up, an awful lot over the past couple months.

In this Year of the Water Dragon (by Chinese astrology)... The High Priestess of my coven believes that a water dragon is near me, possibly as a totem animal. She says she sees his energy around me. Several months ago Archer bought me a silver-and-sapphire colored serpent bracelet that is reticulated and wraps intimately around me; I've come to associate it with Archer's protective embrace. I swear it warms when I wear it. Dragons have been showing up in my card readings for myself - something they've never done before. In particular, I've seen the Earth Dragon more than a few times; kundalini may be more closely related to the Fire Dragon, but I'm guessing the Root Chakra is more closely related to the Earth, and the Earth Dragon.

It's something to think about.

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