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26 June 2012

Rwanda in July

Soon, very soon, I'm off to Rwanda.

I have a post and a painting to finish up for Magaly's Art, Passion, and Heart-Told Tales, and I have a few last minute errands to run. A duffle bag to buy. Some paperwork to fax.

But for right now, I'm missing my Archer, and I haven't even left yet. He's busy with work; I'm busy with preparations. I saw him briefly tonight, for dinner. He was so tired and stressed out from work, I wanted to cradle him, make everything ok, make his worries go away. None of which was possible, in the circumstances. It's ok. We'll spend Thursday night together, and he'll see me off from the airport Friday morning, along with my mother and my child. And then I'll be off.

I'm spending the month of July studying primates in Rwanda. [W00t!]

I don't know that I'll have time to post while I'm gone. I'll try to get a few posts done, and scheduled for posting during that month. Regardless, I'll be back and posting in August.

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  1. Anonymous19:42

    safe journey, bones. may the Goddess watch o'er thee.