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11 January 2013

a Pagan Blog Project post... sorta, but not really

Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules.

That's the first title I noticed when I glanced (ok, stared) at my bookcase just now. Google, which is the power behind my automatic spell check thingy, says I spelled "cataloguing" incorrectly, but the book's spine says otherwise. I'll trust the book. But I wonder if perhaps the spelling hasn't changed in the 60+ years since the book was published. Maybe it was right, then, and is wrong, now. And then I wonder, what about the other Americans? Do they catalogue differently? (Google says "catalogue" isn't a word, either. Clearly, google does not know everything.) But that's silly. Then again, maybe 60 years ago, they were the only ones running libraries in any sort of official capacity. That seems more likely. I don't know, just guessing. I'm not strong in librarian history, even as it blends with American history.

Actually, what seems most likely is that the title refers to the British ("Anglo") origins of the American cataloguing system, and has nothing at all to do with the race of person utilizing that system.

Funny how our minds first jump to issues of contention, eh? Or maybe that was just because I'm on the first day of the spring semester - which includes a course on historical African American literature (specifically, the autobiographies of African American women), and we're starting out with a text from 1865.

Surely, I must have a point.


After a brief lunch break, I've decided I might not have a point after all. But the post does  start with "a" so I must be getting somewhere, right? Maybe not.


Maybe I should take my medication earlier in the day. I think my brain's just now getting warmed up.


So, anyway, as I was saying... well, I'll let you know when I remember what I was saying.


This started out as a stream-of-conscious writing exercise intended to work up some "a" post inspiration for the Pagan Blog Project (see button on the right sidebar if you're not familiar). Clearly, that isn't what happened.

On the bright side, I did get an idea for my PBP post.

To be continued... (in a separate post because, really, would you  want to this one to go on any longer?)

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