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14 January 2013


Didn't sleep much last night. Was wide awake until around 5 or 6 am. Things happened between 6 am and noon, but they're all hazy. My little Bear woke up from a nightmare. I remember that. I brought him back to my room and he fell back asleep, probably after I did. I got out of bed at noon. He was already playing his favorite video game.

I have to go to class now.
I probably won't write much today. Maybe I will tonight. I don't know.
I'm tired, but it's an emotional tiredness, probably more depression than exhaustion. Sleep won't come easily tonight, either. I can tell that already. Maybe I'll write through my insomnia. Maybe I won't.

All three of my critters - two dogs and one cat - were cuddling me when I woke up this morning. That helped. A lot.

Ok, class. Really.

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