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04 February 2013

also: wine

I'm catching up. Made myself a calendar with all my due dates. There's just too many of them this semester to keep track my usual way, which is not at all. I have a writing-and-homework schedule, a class schedule, an events schedule, and an errands-and-house-cleaning schedule. What I need is a sedative schedule.

Archer's off to in-process at his new job... which means he's gone to the east coast for the week, and I miss him like hell.

I'm finding a balance, getting things done. I'm in two history classes: "The Nature and Practice of History" and 'African-American Women's Autobiographies' (which actually has a much longer title). One psychology class: Experimental Psych, and one anthropology class: "Energy, Society, and Culture." The anth class is going to kick my ass. Hell, it already has. Way more chemistry than I expected, or am good for. I'm trying to work my way around that aspect, rather than through. It seems the better part of valor in this case.

I'm also building a website for myself. And reading like a hare on fire. (I don't know why that simile makes sense to me, but it does.)

With all that going on, I've made a very important discovery: red wine can be tasty. Added bonus: I sleep very well after having a glass. I bought two bottles yesterday.

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