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28 February 2013

still alive... sorta

I miss having time to blog... or think... or breath...
I really bit off more than I could chew this semester.

I'm totally caught up in all but one class right now... and I'm four assignments behind in that one. Which is every assignment so far this semester, because he's only assigned four. The last day to drop that class (with "only" $275 in extra fees) is 5 March, so I'm giving myself til the 4th to get all those assignments done and turned in. Otherwise I'll withdraw. On the bright side, Archer's going to help me with those assignments this weekend. So there is hope.

I did finish reading Assata Shakur's autobiography (it was for a class), and I'll have a post up about that soon. That woman is amazing. She's still alive, in Cuba. I hope I get to meet her someday. Anyway, yeah, more on that later. Short version: read the book, it's that good.

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