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11 August 2013


It's Sunday morning, and I'm not stressing out over the next essay that's due. Oh, I needed this. I can envision a year without that particular stress. A year of no homework. If only... but a week and a half is what I get. And I'll take it!

I'm really enjoying the work-play-only thing I've been doing this weekend. Of course, the fact that it happened to be Pirates of the High Desert Weekend here in Bisbee helped. A lot. So much Awesome!

There was a "Hair of the Salty Dog Pub Crawl" this morning, to close out the piratey weekend, but I skipped that in favor of breakfast with Archer and Bear at our favorite weekend-breakfast place.

I'm not scheduling the rest of today. I'd like to get some writing done. I'd like to get some painting done. But most of all, I'm going to get some relaxing done. No schedule, no demands. Because tomorrow I have things to do, work and errands, and I'm taking today for all it's worth. 

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