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13 August 2013

attack of the Insomnia!

I had a month of no insomnia after my surgery. Then I got to spend a night with Archer (squeeeeeeeee!), and now I can't sleep without him. The beginnings of finding pleasure in having my bed to myself have been usurped; I know, again, that there's something better in this world. It's a lot harder to sleep without him, after sleeping with him.

I'm not going down without a fight, though.
I have habits that keep me an insomniac (I had lots of time to think about this at 3am this morning), like reading in bed and all the distractions of my cluttered nightstand. I'm going to clear off my nightstand today. Tonight I'll do my reading in a chair, or maybe on the couch, and turn off my internet - endless potential distractions, there - before going to bed. I'm thinking about doing a bedtime meditation, too, if I can figure one out.
Let's see if that works. 


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  2. Anonymous22:28

    Whenever my Piano Man and I have to sleep apart, for any reason, I can't sleep. It takes me some time to get used to it...

    Hope the insomnia goes away, soon.