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03 April 2012

the nature of anniversaries

Question: What is a loving relationship supposed to look like?

Answer: How many shapes can the human heart be?

The types of relationships possible are as infinite as the varieties of the human soul. Therefore, the greater puzzle picture - the shape of love - has infinite possibilities, too.


What does the moment love begins look like?

Anniversaries are vague in my mind. Which event signals the beginning of a relationship? My opinions on this are flexible and varied. It's not a high priority for me. I've rarely had the opportunity to celebrate anniversaries, though I have had a few.

This one - the one year anniversary of my relationship with the Archer - will be one to celebrate. But, it feels like a beginning, not a mark of one year passing in our relationship. I feel as though everything leading up to what we are now, was preliminary. Those were the trials we had to go through, in order to finally begin our real relationship. That, of course, is worth celebrating. And if I look at it as a culmination of those trials, which were necessary for us to come to this point and which happened to take almost precisely one year, that's certainly a reason to celebrate it as an anniversary. Still, the definition of anniversary in any context that doesn't include some sort of oath on a given date, feels nebulous to me.

Of course, that's not going to stop me from celebrating every moment I have with Archer.


  1. They are an interesting thing, anniversaries. Some people celebrate them for the strangest things.

    For me, and my partner, we celebrate the anniversary of our first date. Sounds terribly corny and cliched - but I knew he was the one for me on our first date - so that date feels right for us.

    Best wishes for whatever you wind up doing for yours :)

  2. Thanks! At Archer's suggestion, we are basing our anniversary on our first date, also. He explained his reasoning as, 'that's where we started this journey.' And that makes sense to me. Though neither of us were lucky enough to know what we were in for back then, it was certainly the beginning of the connection we feel, which has never let either of us back out. :)