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08 October 2012


I'm having a hard time right now. The past few weeks, I've had to take more of my anti-depressants, just to be functional. It's not even enough to make me 'ok" - just functional, in the barest sense of the word. I'm not able to elicit the mental acuity I need to actually keep up (never mind excel) in my classes. Meh. I'm just so tired... even when I'm not.

But I have to say, I'm handling it better than I have in the past. At least I am  functional, even if just barely. That's a point in my favor.

This too shall pass, and I know it will. I just have to get through it.
Yeah, I'm mostly just giving that phrase lip-service, but I think the more I say it, the better chance I have at believing it. Let's hope.

I'm going to work on some more productive posts... that usually helps my mood.

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