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08 October 2012

the High Priestess: 3/78 days of tarot

I like her.

She has a glean in her eye - the one I can see - and she's very inviting. She makes me want to try... something, anything. Whatever it is that she's offering. Curiosity oozes from her, infectiously. She's reading the cards, one hand on a crystal ball, and I want to know what she knows. The only way to find out, I suspect, is to try.


The book says this: "The High Priestess symbolizes truth and wisdom and understanding. The maddening thing about her, though, is that she represents the kind of knowing that cannot be told and refuses to be confined to the restrictions of order and language... High Priestess truths reside in the heart and soul and can only be learned via direct experience. It is the wisdom gained through an initiatory experience. It cannot be explained or studied. It is simply known."


I like the intuitive nature of this deck. The imagery really gives me an accurate feel for the meaning of the cards. That is making learning the cards much easier than it has been in the past, when I was looking at cards full of esoteric symbols I didn't understand. I may not be catching much of the symbolism in these cards, but their intent gets across nonetheless.

Well played, Aly Fell.

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