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11 October 2012

the Emperor: 5/78 days of tarot

He's composed, masterful, calm on his throne, unworried but not without concern. 'Calm, cool, and collected,' indeed - this one seems to exemplify confidence. He's cautious, I think, but in a balanced way that doesn't descend into fearfulness. He's too competent for fearfulness. He isn't ostentatious, either. There's no need. This is a man who is focused on the material world, and confident in his place there. He's resourceful, and ultimately responsible.

He reminds me of Archer.


The book says: "The Emperor, unlike the Empress,  has strictly political and worldly associations... Through creating plans and systems, he ensures the effective distribution of resources, ideally providing enough for all. The four emblems on his throne represent the four elements of air, water, earth, and fire. Symbolically, these are the finite resources at his disposal that must be used for the good of all. Through creating systems upon which we depend, he creates peace and stability in daily life."

Ah yes, I can see that. Also, he feels distant, but not remote. I suppose there's always a bit of distancing necessary if one is going to organize a life, any life.

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