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05 October 2012

the Magician: 2/78 days of tarot

He's a bit sinister-looking, this guy, with his little pointy goatee and his cloak covering his body; his small dark eyes and one foot leading from his defensive posture add to the impression. But there's skill in that stance, and confidence that doesn't come from smoke and mirrors alone. I'm not sure that he's above such tricks, but I do believe he has worked very hard to perfect his capabilities - whatever those are. He is card number I of the first twenty-two, which range from 0 to XXI.

He feels much more distant to me than the Fool did - maybe that says something about me. I wouldn't be surprised. Maybe it speaks to the difficulty I've had concentrating on my schoolwork this semester. Also, not surprising.


The book says this: "The Magician is a master of magic. He has learned to sense the energy of the universe and has become adept at directing it. These skills allow him to accomplish nearly impossible tasks in a way that appears effortless. Don't be fooled, though. He acquired those skills through discipline and practice. The accomplishments are more than the results of mere hard work. They contain an unidentifiable something... That energy lifts the work from the merely perfect to the divine."

So skills, and the work to perfect those skills, are important and can be used to make 'magic' - the sum is more than the parts, when the work has been done beforehand and applied appropriately.


I've been looking at him for, what, three days now? I think it's time to set him back into the deck, and move on to the next. His time for me will come.

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