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19 April 2013

academic interference

This whole semester I've been bitching about not having enough time to blog, because of all the academic work I have to get done. Well, duh, I should have been combining the two the entire time. After all, I did plan on sharing more of my academic work on this blog - I had just forgotten that I was going to do that. So today, as I sat at the computer wanting to write a post and knowing I had to get work done on my research projects, I decided to finally follow up on my forgotten intentions. And damn, it feels good.

Right now I have three projects in progress. One for psychology, two for history. My history capstone project is an analysis of the motivations behind the Bisbee Deportation of 1917. My independent study for history is an evaluation of how the mine has shaped the culture of Bisbee, starting with the era after  the mine closed, in 1973. If that doesn't give me 30 pages, then I'll also examine the same topic, pre-1973.

The psychology project... is in disarray. I'd planned on doing a survey of mental health professionals who work with survivors of sexual trauma to get professional opinions on what therapeutic theories are effective, or not, and why. Then I was going to compare those to current research to do a comparative analysis of the various theories' effectiveness. Fun, right? Well, for that to work, people would have to actually participate in my survey. I got responses from a few people, but 5 responses does not a study make. So I have to change my project. My professor very kindly is sending me data to use (since I went through the work of gathering data and just didn't have enough responses, she's allowing me to use data she gathered for one of her projects without affecting my grade). The new project is about personality traits (think: the Big 5 - Openness to experiences, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism) and satisfaction with life. And to be perfectly honest, I plan to look at the data and then build the project around what I see. Because I now have about two weeks to get this done.

While I wait for my psychology professor to email me the data, I'm focusing on my history projects.

Today: the Bisbee Deportation of 1917.
This was a critical blow to the power of unions. To crush a strike, the mining company backed a deportation by law enforcement of the striking miners, who were 'shipped' by train (cattle cars) from Bisbee, Arizona, to an Army camp in New Mexico. The town was locked down by the sheriff who issued 'passports' to residents who had not been deported. To go in or out, you had to show your passport. This was intended to keep the deportees from returning, and it went on for months afterward. Very few of the deportees did ever return. The case went to trial, but although the illegality of the deportation was agreed upon, nobody was ever convicted.

More to follow. Promise.

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