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02 April 2013

Bones is my name

I debated. I hemmed. I hawed. But really, how could I not?

I'm so freaking busy this semester, especially this week, which is the last week in one of my more time-consuming classes. But, I find myself wanting to write about this anyway.

It's my name, after all. 

So I'm joining Magaly Guerrero's Witches in Fiction... to the Bone, her 4th blogoversary party from 1-13 April 2013. 


The reasons to keep using the nickname Bones for myself just keep adding up. 

First there was the Army, with its alpha-numeric labeling system that dubbed me the lead of team B-1. B-one. And the way soldiers have of calling each other ridiculous names. Like Bones, for the B1 team lead.

Then there was a screen name, humanbones, picked on a whim because my military job title included the words 'human intelligence,' which I found funny. After all, I thought, we're all made up of human bones. In my less flippant moments, the nickname spoke to the lessons of humanity I'd learned overseas, doing that 'human intelligence' job.

Then there was Archer. He called me Bones, at first, because we met on that same website where I'd used the 'humanbones' screen name. He fancied it. Later, when he first told me he loved me, he said it this way: because I love you down to my bones. It struck me, and it stuck.

I first called him Archer because he's a sagittarius, but more because it's an apt description. He asks questions that are pointed and he never misses his mark. He's powerful, as I imagine an archer to be. Then we started watching the tv show Archer, which is hilarious, and which stars the human intelligence industry, if from a satirical perspective. The nickname just became more and more apt. 

Then came Archer's Bones. I needed a name for my website. I wanted to use the 'Bones' nickname somehow, but Diary of Bones wasn't inclusive enough because the website is about more than just my diary. It's my art, my writings, my books, my reading and research projects... all my creations which I deem worthy of publishing. While I mulling these things over, I googled several possibilities that came to mind. One of those was 'human bones,' which led me to this:

The Archer's Bones. As I read that, I thought about the changes my relationship with Archer has brought about; I thought about the catharses I've experienced in doing my paintings and in blogging. Thus, was born, and the nickname 'Bones' is that much more strongly  my own. 

Because it's me, down to my bones.

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  1. Thanks for the introduction into the evolution of the name of the blog. That really is fascinating. Life gives us gifts all the time....we just have to be open to them. Looks like you are also a great observer.
    I enjoyed the visit very much, Oma Linda