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07 July 2013

*insert jazz hands here*

My surgery is tomorrow morning. It's a partial hysterectomy, which doesn't mean they're only taking part of my uterus. It means they're only taking my uterus and cervix, as opposed to also taking the ovaries. That's a good thing - I'm not ready for menopause. The closer it gets, the calmer I feel. I'm not so 'ok' with the early morning wake up call that's coming, but I'm ok with the surgery which will follow it. I'll be staying overnight at the VA hospital where they're doing my surgery. I have my tablet and keyboard with me (obviously - you didn't think I would type all this without a keyboard, did you?), but I don't know how soon I'll feel like typing a follow up. Probably soon, actually. They don't intend to let me out of bed very quickly, and I anticipate much boredom. Anyway, updates will come as they come. That was really the whole point of this paragraph.

I'm feeling a little loopy tonight. - And this is before the anesthesia!

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