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09 April 2012


And now, in the aftermath...
wishing I could sleep

had a great night -
friends, food, family, friskiness -

...disappears into the night,
falls away as my tires roll into the dark,
putting miles between us

... miles between us

pushing the emptiness forward,
drawing out that happiness

like a poison.


I wrote the above poem. Don't steal it without giving me credit. Thanks.


I wrote that in 2008. That was as close as I ever got to describing the descent into depression that happens when I no longer need to maintain a facade of happiness. It used to happen every time. It's less common now. I'm grateful for that, but I'd like it to go away completely.


  1. Down to my Bones.

    You are not alone.
    I am with you always.

    Because You are with me, always.
    Deeply included, durably alloyed with my framework.

    Down to my Bones.

  2. "...miles between us" the structure and word choice say as much as the line itself. Lonely and broken.

  3. Magaly, thank you! I take that as high praise, especially since it's exactly what I was trying to evoke. I'm actually more of a painter than a writer, so my poetry tends to be purposeful in its structure. :)


    Mr. Dulles: like an arrow, down to my bones <3