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10 April 2012

meeting my family

My family, from my perspective, is atypical in their interactions with each other. There's a lot of political maneuvering and implied chastisement going on. Despite that, they really do love each other. It can be hard to grasp.

If you meet my biological family, you are important to me. It's symbolic, though not for traditional reasons. I'm neither proud nor ashamed of my family, but I fear they will be misunderstood. By extension, that would represent a misunderstanding of me.

I want my lovers to understand me. It's important, perhaps because I so rarely understand myself. If they understand me, maybe they won't be so hurt or angry when I do some foolish and otherwise incomprehensible thing.

Understanding my family is one of the many keys necessary to understanding me. If you don't understand my family, that lock - and every connected lock - will never open for you. Thus, your connection with me will always be limited.

So if I have enough confidence in you to offer to introduce you to my family, take it - and take it as a complement. Because I wouldn't offer if I thought you wouldn't understand.

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