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31 January 2012


21, as in the album by Adele.

I love it. Really love it.

At first I just loved her voice, her talent, and the soulful quality of the songs. The only song on the album that didn't strike my fancy was the cover she did of The Cure's "Lovesong" (even Adele can't out-sorrow Robert Smith).

Some of the songs could have been written about my past lovers - "Turning Tables" was certainly about my ex-husband - but mostly I just enjoyed the feel of the music.

Now I see it differently.

Now it's as though most of the cd were sung to me, from my lover's point of view. It's not a complimentary perspective, but it feels true. Listening to those songs now is both moving and masochistic. When I shift away from the immediate, I see more clearly how other people have treated me the same, at different times in my life.

The pattern is enlightening.

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  1. Anonymous23:19

    I love this album, too.