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26 January 2012

"God of....."

Whenever we talk about pagan deities, modern or ancient, the name is almost always followed by some sort of title.

"Thor, god of thunder,..."

Eastern religions are not spared this treatment, either.

So I was thinking...
If gods in non-Christian pantheons get specialties - why shouldn't the Christian deities, too? It seems unfair to leave them out.

So this is what I concluded:

Yahweh, of course, should be the god of self-promotion. He might also be the God of politics, by extension.

Jesus, as a half-god/half-mortal, should probably be the demigod of charity and reconciliations.

The 'Holy Ghost' might be the divine wight of spiritual growth, or inspiration.

Mary and the Saints already have their specialties delineated pretty clearly by the Catholic population, so I bow to Catholic scholarship on those.

There, I feel better now.

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