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20 August 2012

save tonight

There was a time when this song brought tears to my eyes.

It seemed to epitomize everyone's struggle to find love, knowing it wouldn't last if we did find it. I felt we were all trapped in this tragic cycle of searching and loss, or settling for less than we sought, and it just seemed so hopeless, so painful, and so unnecessary - a product of human fears and mistrust which never allowed for purity in love. Yet, there is a levity in the song, and it speaks to the happiness found in seizing those moments we can, when we do have love, and live fully in those moments despite knowing they are fleeting. Or maybe because  we know they are fleeting.

I don't know what Eagle Eye Cherry intended for that song to say, but that's what I felt, when I heard it.

I do know that I've finally broken the cycle. 

The song means something different to me, now. I still hear the first story I heard, but there's an added thread. Save tonight, because even once we've found that love we sought, life is still unpredictable, and we never know when tragedy might strike. Somehow, that seems less inevitable than the severance of love by human foibles. 

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  1. Lovely. Simply and elegantly lovely.