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11 August 2012

in Rwanda: 9 July 2012, breakfast oracle

Taken 3 Aleve per day since the second day in Akagera. It’s 0612 right now. I’ve been awake for about an hour. I’m a little grumpy. No Aleve yet this morning. Have to wait until I eat. And I gotta try to eat more protein today. Wasn’t much in the last two meals. I want some more of that goat meat. Yum. Stays with ya. Like, in your teeth. Tasty though.

Ah, the silverback has emerged. (Good morning Professor Steklis, adult male.) Oh the coffee’s being poured through the strainer. Also yum.

There was a period of time this morning, say 0510-0520ish, during which everything was silent. There was no noise. No birds, no insects, no nothing. It might have been the end of the world. Sara’s pretty sure it was. I think if it were, that would have meant that I slept through Armageddon. Very plausible.

No really.

Definitely going to be time for some Aleve soon. Com’ooooooooooooooooon breakfast! Any time now, really. I wonder if I use that word too much. Maybe. Or maybe it’s a coincidence that it just happened twice in two sentences. Well, two fragments, anyway. Whatever. Man if only I could just type all day while we were doing stuff, I could actually capture everything that’s happening. That would be cool. My fingers would get a workout. I’d probably drop the laptop a few times. Maybe that’s not a good idea. Still, it would be cool if it were possible. Just because it would be cool to be able to capture everything. I know there are things I forget, even when I take notes all day.

Ok, still waiting for breakfast. Time for the cards. Or I’ll get caught up in daily activities and never get around to the cards.

Fire Dragon

A lot of raw energy, maybe aggression, is brewing and needs to be controlled. It could also be the vital energy of youth, which is destructive when misguided. It needs to be harnessed, not allowed to become destructive. That’s the causal dynamic. The social manifestation is feminine energy that should be used for nurturing, but maybe is being squandered. The resulting manifestation, which will be positive if the fire dragon is harnessed and the cow is allowed to nurture, is a great lesson in learning, in social accountability and the language of the group. If this is a negative lesson, the Raven is a prophet of the destruction which comes before new life. (Based on the preceding cards, I’d say that this isn’t a good time for destructive cycles – take that as a warning.)

Hmm. And with that, I’m getting dressed. All the tent-mates are awake now, so I won’t disturb anyone by doing so. And breakfast still isn’t ready. Perfect timing.

Today is my mother's birthday. She's 59. Shhhhh! Don't tell her I told!
I borrowed phone minutes from Sara so I could call Mom.
Gratutious Vervet Play!

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  1. Ooooo, oooo!! You drew the Cow AND the Raven for ME...'member?? :-D And my my, this sounds like an Aleve-filled trip! :( Sorry the transportin' over there is un-back-and-vertigo-friendly...