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05 August 2012

travel notes: from here to there

[These are not excerpts; this was a running journal I scribbled some notes into on my way from Arizona, USA, to Kigali, Rwanda. My flight took me from Tucson, AZ, to Houston, TX (where I bought a rockin plug adapter/USB plug-in from a vending machine for $30), to Montreal, then Brussels, then Kigali. I ended up with an overnight stay in Brussels which turned out to be awesome. My connecting flight from Brussels to Kigali was cancelled because they needed a new engine for the plane (not news that inspired hope). But, it was cool because one of the other students was on the same flight, so we caught a cab together and kicked around Brussels for a bit. Turns out, it doesn't get dark there til after 10 pm. Or at least it doesn't in late June. Anyway, got to see some really awesome architecture, spent way too many euros on a Belgian waffle, and generally enjoyed the unexpected tourist opportunity. The only crappy part, besides just being delayed, was having to wait in line for what felt like four hours (in reality, maybe three) to get instructions and vouchers from the airline. Anyway, here's some stream-of-conscious notes from that journey.]

So cool hearing French being spoken everywhere... and my passport just got it's first stamp :)

Got so sick during descent into Montreal, almost actually vomited... neighbors are lucky we touched down when we did.

I'm pretty sure I eat my sushi too fast. less than 5 minutes for a 5-piece sushi dish negates the need to do such eating in a restaurant. You wouldn't be there long enough to make it worth while. Might as well have gotten it to go. 

Americans (other English-speakers?) pronounce our words like they are coolly-molten lead; French-speakers sound like the words are fluttering out their mouths, like they are physically feather-weight. Now I know what "gutteral" means.

I'm in Brussels, it's 1am in AZ right now. Missing Archer. Kills me that I can't call him right now. My phone isn't even finding signal here. Jumped on their WiFi for email. Love you baby... Keep thinking about touching you... <3
Brussels. I think this line has gotten shorter because it has condensed, not because anybody left the line. Maybe our stagnation has been overwhelmed by the human need to move, thus we get closer, moving forward individually without progressing the line.

I will get blisters from standing in line here, not from walking anywhere.

I am HUNGRY. I don't want this deli shit, I want steak and eggs. Not gonna get it.

I want my Archer.

I shouldn't have had such wistful thoughts of a longer layover between the long flights [Montreal to Brussels, and Brussels to Kigali were both quite long, and my original layover was only an hour or so.] - I got it. Would been a good time for an 'unanswered prayer,' ya know. Just sayin. 

Time to check on the hotel...

Feels like I'm surrounded by Archer here, which is a bit silly. He hasn't lived here in... how long? I didn't even know him then. Still, I look around my hotel room, and around this city, and think, "he saw this, too. I wonder if he liked the architecture here as much as I do." I feel like he should be here, telling me stories of his time there, telling me tales of the city. Another time, maybe. 

The best thing that can be said about the dawn here is that it is gentle, kind - anything but bold or spectacular. It is barely noticeable, almost just a lightening of the skies, as though afraid to wake the sleepers it watches over.

What the hell is all this tomato relish Starbucks is putting all over their sandwiches here? The closest I could find to a decent breakfast in this airport is a panini with eggs, bacon, and... tomato relish. And tomato slices. Did I mention how much I dislike gratuitous use of tomatoes? Sigh. At least it has bacon. And it's not horrible, just weird. 

My mind is pretty wide awake, but I think my body is exhausted. My right hand isn't working all that well, or reliably. It's usually the first to go. 

I just saw my first fly since leaving Tucson. It was very small. 

I wonder about the people here. - Where they're from, where they're going, what they think of me. 

My body feels hollowed out. Or hollowing out. I think I need to sleep soon. It's 0425 in AZ right now. 0425 in Archer's arms, in his bed where he's sleeping, looking just like the Angel he is. Dreaming of trains, I hope. 

2 July, Kigali - lack of internet might kill me.

[I did manage to take a few pictures of what is apparently Brussels' best feature: the architecture. Incidentally, I'm pretty proud of my little camera phone. I think it did alright, under the circumstances.]

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