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19 June 2013

an evening recap, and runes

I'm so tired.
I'm not mentally exhausted; I'm just... a little too well grounded. It's like my mind never wanted to wake up this morning. It's the Depression, I'm sure.

Around lunchtime today, I was able to get myself moving. Not literally, but at least in terms of being productive, and that's a good start. I got my newest goodies posted to my etsy shop. I'm pretty excited about the rune set, and the rune sets I'm making next.

I had visitors this afternoon, whose presence helped me immeasurably. We discussed business plans and gardening plans, and I'm getting excited for what comes next.

Note to self: when feeling down, find a friend to talk about future plans with. It helps a lot.

Wanna see the runes?

Get more details at the shop.

1 comment:

  1. Glad someone came over and helped cheering you up.

    And I like the sparkly runes ;-)