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09 June 2013

Archer's Bones: VaVoom!

This is my favorite store.
It makes "quirky" sound cliché.
They find and sell antiques, vintage curiosities, modern art - any era, all awesome.
Also, there are zombies.

I frequently have trouble describing VaVoom to people who've never been there. I'm having that problem right now, in fact. Typical conversation:

"What's VaVoom?"
"It's... a store... full of Awesome."
"I mean, what do they sell?"
"You're not helpful."
"Um... they sell everything that is awesome. Clothes, accessories, leatherware, books - old books, new books, vintage toys... You know, Awesome stuff. And zombies. And steampunk zombieware. Oh, and earrings. And -"
"Ok! I get it! Geez, you can stop now."

See? Not easily summarized, but totally one of the best shops ever.

AND I just found out they're on Etsy, too!

Check it out!

So, have you made plans to stalk visit me during Bisbee Pride yet? What are you waiting for?

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