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11 June 2013

tea shop titillations

What did you do yesterday?

I hung out in the tea shop where I occasionally work, enjoyed the cool air and drew pictures. 

Quote of the day:
When the cash register didn't want to open and I suggested that spewing vulgarities might convince it to work, a regal-looking woman told me, "not in front of me, please - my delicate ears won't stand for that shit."
I like her.


  1. What a sweet, sweet, sweet lady :-D

  2. Oh, I forgot to say what I did yesterday. I went to the VA to get an injection that felt like lava being rushed into my bloodstream. But all is lovely now.

    1. Needles totally squick me out dude. *ugh* As if the VA weren't bad enough without that! So happy to hear it's ok now!

      And yes, that lady got my vote for the day :D By the way, as soon as she said "shit," the damn cash register opened. It was like a magic word.