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22 June 2013

my brain: unfocused

I wonder, sometimes, why it hurts to hear someone say they love me. Especially when I know it's true. They really do. Why does that make me cry? There's no reasoning in my thoughts that explains the tightening in my chest, the burning in my eyes; there's just emptiness in my head.

Maybe there's isn't any explanation, besides, "you're mentally ill, Bones."


I had a disagreement with my boss earlier this week about the relative meanings of "their" and "they're." I was right. I'm not sure who won. But luckily, we're still friends. She understands my virgo side, even if she's not sure about my grammar skills. She's a pretty awesome boss. She also makes great tea.


My favorite bumper sticker to date: "Bisbee: it's like Mayberry on acid" - that's totally true. Most accurate description of this town, ever.


I'm headed to the next town over to get some quality Archer time tonight. It does a body good. Specifically, my body. And my heart. And I need that. I'll miss my critters though. It's a trade off.


I should be doing homework right now. I'm scheduled to do two more classes in the second summer session, next month. I might withdraw and just take the rest of the summer off. It's a very appealing idea. My GPA would probably be better off if I did. I'm completely burnt out on academia right now. But I'm so close to my degree....! Another trade off, this one far more uncertain right now.


I did some paintings this morning. They're itty bitty - only 2x3" - and it was totally fun.

See that one in the middle? I used a strawberry to paint that one. It was a really juicy strawberry. Then I ate it. It was delicious. I think I'll leave it just like that, only I'll put a clear acrylic seal over it. So it doesn't attract ants. It would suck if ants ate my painting. Even though I bet it would be tasty. It still smells like strawberry. You don't even have to scratch it first. 

He's looking at you, kid.

I might keep that one for myself.
Because I love strawberries.

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